Social Action

iGL company is happy to be involved in the community and worldwide


Togo (Africa)

iGL actively supports many of primary schools in Togo. This developing country of West Africa is francophone and literacy there is still a challenge throughout the country, specially in the rural areas. In 2013, Paul Greth and his wife jointed a Belgian team and went there, at the region of Notsé, to participate of training workshops in order to improve the French knowledge of about fifty teachers of village schools. In doing so, they had the chance to visit more than a dozen villages and so get aware of the main issues that Togolese people live.

iGL has financed the construction of robust and weatherproof class blackboards for 15 village schools. The company offered, in addition, a motorcycle to the organization responsible for these schools so their director could circulate more easily, for a more effective follow up with teachers and students.

This trip was also an opportunity to provide material support as well as hygiene and health knowledge to those villages. Since then, iGL collaboration with these schools continues through a permanent contact with the Belgian supervisor and the Togolese schools director there.


Help center for persons in difficulty

Caped is a Christian non-profit organization located in Trois-Rivières (Canada) that helps anyone in distress on the personal, family, emotional, moral or spiritual. This organization provides support to its customers by providing for their basic needs or accompanying the resolution of its various challenges, such as loneliness, anxiety, bereavement, unexpected pregnancy, addictions, etc.

Greth Paul is a member of the organization's board of directors since 2005 and a founding member.

Compassion Canada

Compassion Canada

Compassion Canada is a Christian organization that helps children living in poverty in many countries. This organization provides the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through access to education. The sponsored child and his family also have access to material support such as food, clothing, education on hygiene and health and other things as needed. iGL is sponsoring two children since 2008.



Amazima is an organization located in Uganda (in Africa) founded by Katie Davis, an American who in 2007, at the age of 19, adopted 13 Ugandan orphans. Since then, this organization takes care of hundreds of Ugandan orphans. iGL supports the organization on a monthly basis.

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse is an organization that helps at any place in the world where urgent help is needed. The organization is often one of the first on the ground after a cataclysm. iGL supports this organization on a monthly basis.